Our economy was expanding prior to the COVID pandemic. Once Joe Biden was elected, things got even worse. Inflation is at levels not seen in 40 years and supply chain issues are disrupting commerce. Small businesses are hurting.

Fortunately, Tennessee’s economy is stronger than most of our neighbors.  Our state has low taxes and the lowest debt in the country. We need to keep Tennessee moving in the right direction.

As your State Representative, I’ll vote to keep spending under control. This is the number one thing government can do to reduce inflation. I will oppose costly mandates on small businesses. Small businesses create most of the jobs in our country.  We can help them succeed by getting government out of the way and allowing the job creators to thrive.


I’m passionate about our schools. I saw firsthand the profound impact that great schools can have on our young people while serving as PTA President when my daughter was a student at Michigan Avenue Elementary. My passion for education led me to run for the school board. I served five terms on the Bradley County Board of Education. My passion for schools still burns bright thanks to my grandsons, Jeremiah and Declan.

Teachers are critical to student success. In the State House, I’ll work to support our great school teachers. I also know that students do well when their parents are actively engaged in their education. I want parents involved in all aspects of their child’s education.

The Partnerships in Industry and Education (PIE) Innovation Center is a planned regional educational facility that will prepare students for workforce opportunities. I’m excited about this new educational concept that will develop the skilled workforce needed for good, high-paying jobs in the Cleveland area. This is an example of how the public and private sectors can come together to improve education and lead to more job opportunities for our community.

Law & Order

Violent crime is a growing threat in our country. We’ve all seen reports of the crime wave sweeping the U.S., particularly in big cities like New York, Chicago, and Houston. Much of this can be contributed to the defund the police movement, bail “reform”, and other soft-on-crime policies promoted by left-wing politicians.

I support our brave law enforcement officers. These men and women risk their lives daily to protect our community. As your State Representative, I will have the back of law enforcement. We must ensure our law enforcement officers have the training and equipment they need to face a variety of threats.

I support tough sentences for violent criminals. I oppose plans to eliminate cash bail. I also oppose sanctuary cities and special treatment for illegal immigrants.


I believe life begins at conception. Those who do not believe they can adequately care for their baby should consider adoption. It’s the loving, pro-life alternative to abortion.

In the State House, I will support laws that restrict abortion such as parental notification of minors seeking abortion and a waiting period before an abortion may be performed. I will vote against any bill that provides taxpayer funding for abortion.

Second Amendment

As was once said, the Second Amendment to the Constitution is the amendment that protects all the others. Law-abiding Tennesseans have a Constitutional right to keep and bear firearms and this right shall not be infringed.

I support the right of Tennesseans to hunt, shoot, and defend our families and ourselves. I oppose restrictions on our right to buy guns or ammunition. You can count on me to defend our Second Amendment rights.